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posted on April 08, 2010

Finding their Grove

Thorncliffe goes Duffer in Grove — can the city handle a local -control epidemic?

By: Andrew Cash
Published: April 7, 2010
Source: Now Toronto

Some marketing taglines would be laughable if they weren’t so insulting: “You’re richer than you think” comes to mind.

But here’s one that’s spot on: “Today’s Thorncliffe Is Tomorrow’s Canada.” The slogan is used by community activists to describe the horseshoe of postwar utilitarian low-and high-rise buildings backing on to the Don Valley in East York.

Thorncliffe Park isn’t really a place you stumble upon – you have to intend to get there, and these days people really do. Originally built for 10,000, the area is a magnet for immigrants, mostly from India and Pakistan, and latterly Afghanistan, and that has swelled the numbers in this 1-kilometre square to about 30,000 people.


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