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The Community Resource Group resumes

Oct.9, 2018, from Liz McHardy, LURA Consulting:

The team is now ready to move the process forward and we would like to invite you to attend the first meeting with the CRG to:

  • Hear from DTAH about the workplan and approach for the project
  • Ask questions and provide comments to the team
  • Discuss the draft community engagement plan and provide feedback on that
  • Discuss who else should be involved in the conversations and engagement moving forward
  • Present the overall project schedule, answer questions you might have and get feedback from you

Date: Wednesday October 17, 2018

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Location: Dufferin Grove Clubhouse

We thought we would start the meeting with a walk and tour at 6PM with all members and then follow up with a meeting in the Clubhouse from 7PM-9PM.

Oct. 11, 2018: Email from Anne Freeman to park friends' list, suggesting sending meeting questions to LURA.

Oct.12, 2018: Email from Clement Kent to Liz McHardy, listing his questions.

Oct.17, 2018:

Community Resource Group (CRG) meeting and CELOS minutes and follow-up comments by CRG members and observers

Nov.3, 2018

CELOS commentary on the draft city/Lura/DTAH meeting notes from the October 17 CRG meeting

Nov.20, 2018, Note from Liz McHardy

Please hold the following two dates for our next set of CRG meetings. Both will take place at St. Wenceslaus Church (496 Gladstone Ave). We will send out an agenda prior to the meeting.

  • Wednesday November 28th, 7-9 pm
  • Tuesday December 11th, 7-9 pm

The second and third "Northwest Corner Revitalization" meetings: October 17 and November 28

Rink clubhouse: a serviceable, plain brick structure, built 1993

Community volunteers who are members of the city’s “Community Resource Group” (CRG) were invited to meet with the city’s planners and the design consultant DTAH to discuss the “revitalization of the Northwest Corner” project. At the November meeting, Parks and Rec Capital Projects supervisor Peter Didiano gave a bit of the history of the Dufferin Grove project. He said it began when the managers at city hall decided to move the zamboni out of the rink clubhouse garage and put it in the metal shed instead. Consultants were hired to advise Capital Projects how to turn the former garage into a commercial kitchen. Then it occurred to the Capital Projects staff that they might as well renovate or rebuild the whole rink house and redo the rink itself – get everything done at once. The budget went from $250,000 to $4 million, including a $700,000 contract with the design firm DTAH.

Dufferin Grove Park is sometimes called a "community centre without walls" -- so much happens outdoors, under the sky, not in a building. But the budget line in the city’s 2018 Capital Budget calls for a "Dufferin Grove new community centre." That’s a brand new thing, no longer a park clubhouse -- a top-down decision that highlights the need for a park conservancy.

The fourth "Northwest Corner Revitalization" meeting: Dec.11, 2018

The volunteer group that was assembled in 2017 by the city’s consultant for community consultation (LURA) now includes two farmers’ market reps, two Clay and Paper Theatre reps, three skate-boarding reps, two bike polo reps, one garden rep, one tree advocate, one CELOS rep, two design professionals who use Dufferin Grove Park, two general-interest reps from Havelock, two from Gladstone, and the host of the main community e-list. Several shinny hockey players came to the Dec.11 meeting and were allowed to speak even though they’re not in the group.

This time Megan Torza from DTAH presented five possible options for the clubhouse. All include a hallway for skate-changing, one or two separate multi-function rooms, two gender-neutral washrooms, and an additional “universal” washroom (this means fewer toilets). Three options involve demolishing the existing rink clubhouse and repositioning it to the east or the north of the rink.

Nov.23, 2018

CELOS park bulletin

Dec.11, 2018

Comments on the city project team presentation and the project team's draft summary of the meeting


Dec.12, 2018: Councillor Ana Bailao's community "rink update"

"The City is also looking to replace the refrigeration plant entirely as part of a project focused on the northwest corner of the park"

The link is to the city's planning and development website, which already says what the capital projects staff intend to have:

“a new commercial kitchen/baking area, a multi-purpose room, a refrigeration facility for the outdoor ice rink, public washrooms, a snack bar and a skating rental booth.”

The timing: community consultations until Sept 2019, then construction 2020 to 2022.

The next meeting will be for the public, on Wednesday Feb.6, 2019, location and time TBA. More news about this in the January newsletter.

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