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posted December 30, 2006

A Medieval Celebration: Twelfth Night, Friday January 5th, 5:45pm

It'll be a good night: Twelfth night, Friday Night Supper, Fire Circle, Skating, Friends and Family...

From David Anderson:

The whole event will be about a half an hour just before Friday night dinner. It will begin with a procession from the Rink House to the fire circle to gather the crowd. Then the performance of The Return of the Green Man, perhaps accompanied by some spectacular fire breathing.. This will be followed by the celebratory pouring of the cider on the ceremonial festooned (apple?) tree. A dance around the tree will then lead us back to the Rink House for supper.

(There will be some lamb's wool, an apple cidery drink.)

David Anderson
Artistic Director
Clay and Paper Theatre
163 Concord Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2P2



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