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posted August 7, 2005

Mosaics work progressing; truck needed to pick up glass donation

Hi Everyone;

Just to update you...

We met last monday night and discussed image design while we played with some clay. The clay is in the green box marked #2 if anyone wants to make a shape/tile/object out of clay. Of of the volunteers will be firing the clay objects in her kiln so we can incorporate it into the design. Please note that this is special 'high fire' clay and do not mix other clay in with it.

We talked about donations of tiles, glass, and found objects. We will need to be careful to make sure all tile pieces used in the mosaic are winter-proof. Specifically we need 'outdoor tile', also known as 'fully vitrified' or marked as not absorbing more than 0.05 % water. Otherwise the tile will absorb water and then when it freezes in the winter the glazing (coloured part) will break off leaving a sharp colourless edge. A possible outcome may be that we will need to focus on glass donations. At least 2 boxes of tiles that have already been donated indicate that they are outdoor-appropriate.

I would like to remind everyone that we are still looking for a truck to pick up a large donation from the Jane-Finch area.

There is no meeting scheduled for this week, however, it is still possible to make clay creations. (I won't be able to be there this monday night). I will get the clay prepared so that it is ready to use. Next scheduled meeting is August 15 (monday) at 7:30.

- Deb Walks.

posted August 7, 2005

Pictures to inspire

I took a couple of pictures at the park today to assist in thinking about the designs.

A child at the park who was working on the mosaic suggested the design could reflect the playground and wading pool. He also thinks it would be nice to include an image of children working on the cob structure as part of the mosaic. Very cool.

- Deb Walks.

See the pictures >>

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