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posted October 24, 2005

Save the Salsbury Drive Cob Garden

From some cobber friends in Vancouver:

Dear Cobbers and Salsbury Garden supporters,

The Friends of Salsbury Garden have been working hard to try and save this very special garden with the cob house. Hundreds of community residents love and care deeply about protecting this place and have voiced their commitment to helping save it. 1,600 people signed our petition that we submitted to the City. 26 community organizations, including all three levels of government, have written letters and support preserving this green space and the possible development of children's learning programing in the garden.

Despite the City's offers to the developer (including land value, expenses to date, and additional gravy), the developer, Niebuhr Construction, has refused to sell, claiming that the offer is not high enough. But why not listen to the community and accept the City offer. The developer, Richard Niebuhr would lose nothing (except potential profits) and would gain the enormous respect of both the community and the City. We continue to hope that Richard Niebuhr will reconsider and be moved to sell. Meanwhile, we will continue to explore win-win options that respect the developer's right to fair compensation.

The developer is now, unecessarily demanding that the cob house be removed.

We are asking for your help now by respectfully calling or sending e-mails to Richard Niebuhr, at the contact info below. Let him know how much you care about the garden and cob structure, why you care about the garden, and that you/we will continue to work hard to save it. There are hundreds of you out there and if we all send Richard Niehbuhr a short message, it will remind him just how much the community cares about this garden.

Richard Niebuhr

Links: Save the Cob Garden | Update

Salsbury cob garden, Vancouver

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