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posted June 15, 2005


Cascadia Cob Slideshow (ON): cascadiacob

  • extensive image gallery of benches, walls and buildings in the United States

City Farmer (BC):

  • Oven and garden shed in Vancouver

City Repair Oakland West (US):

  • small earthen outdoor theatre, currently in construction

Cob Cottage Company (US):

  • The people who started the cob revival, based in Oregon

Cobworks (BC):

  • images of their various projects in Canada and around the world

Down to Earth Building Bee (BC):

  • small structure in downtown Vancouver

Earthed World (UK):

  • extensive photo gallery of buildings, benches and ovens

Groundworks (US):

  • story of a woman who is building her own home

OK OK OK Productions (US)

  • Earth Bag Bulding, with a number of interesting cases

Outta the Box (US):

  • photo gallery of the courtyard wall they built last summer in Madison, Wisconsin

Stanley Park Earthen Architecture Project (BC):

  • small structure in Stanley Park, Vancouver

California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture:

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