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posted October 20, 2006

Composting Toilet Project Funding, Vetting, and Support

Composting Toilet Project 2006 - 2007

Project designed and headed by:
Georgie Donais

Owned and approved by:
Parks, Forestry & Recreation

Vetted by:
Toronto Building Division
Toronto Public Health

This project possible with the generous support of:

City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation


Anonymous park friends, who donated the toilet, valued at $8700, and additional funds to support on-site work.

Project plans reviewed and approved by:
Martin Liefhebber + Associates

Phoenix Composting Toilet manufactured by:
Advanced Composting Systems, LLC

Distributed in Canada by:
Sunergy Systems LTD, Box 70, Cremona,
Alberta T0M 0R0,

Neighbourhood review:
Public meeting June 25, 2006
Public meeting September 12, 2006

Toilet Certified by the Canadian Standards Association

See Certification Report

Publicly endorsed by:
Toronto Environmental Alliance

Additional composting toilet sites in Ontario:

National Parks

St. Lawrence National Park
13 installations

Bruce Peninsula National Park
Approx. 11 installations

Provincial Park

Algonquin Park
Approx. 3 installations

YMCA Facilities

Kingston RKY Camp
Four units in one installation

Sudbury YMCA Camp
Six units

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