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posted June 15, 2005

Who will benefit?

The park:

  • Will be able to keep its food cart operations near the pool, along with the attendant revenue.

The park friends and neighbours:

  • Will benefit from building the wall physically in terms of health, and community bonding;
  • Will continue to enjoy the food cart because the Public

Health requirement for washing facilities will be satisfied;

  • Will be able to enjoy the new space and use it freely year round.


  • Will have a clean, safe place to string beads, paint, read and do some of the other activities that the

park staff provide for children;

  • Will get to contribute directly to the building.

The city:

  • Will be the benefi ciary of a new "facility" at little cost to it;
  • Will benefi t from the positive publicity and goodwill that this project generates.

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