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Maintenance 2008

In Spring we see the result of the long and quite snowy winter.

The benches next to the wading pool are covered with earthen plaster and one was protected by linseed oil and the other one by waterglass (Sodium silicate). We are still testing the properties here in this climate and learning by doing.

Bench with earthen plaster and linseed oil

Bench with earthen plaster and water glass

The older benches, The Sofa and the Chaise Longue, built in 2006, covered with lime plaster suffered a lot in this winter perhaps due to the high and long snow cover.


After painting the plaster in the summer of 2007 it held up better than the winter before, with much less of the loosening that was evident in sections last year. The plaster above the sinks seems to be fine also because we put a roof on top. Still the cob courtyard shows some cracks in the lime plaster mostly on places which are not covered.

Damage on the fire place

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