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Maintenance 2014

Items in need of repair. In 2013, the outside cob counter was not covered and the taps were not removed. This may lead to further deterioration of the counters and water absorption up the wall. Further, the shingles across the entire cob wall are not completely secure. This might mean re shingling the entire structure in the next couple of years.

Buttress had deteriorated last year - we applied cob and concrete to refortify in 2013. A shingle roof was placed over top to prevent further damage. This doesn't seem to solve the problem.

Recommendation - Remove buttress

Inside counter - (previously intended as a baby changing table - with sink and tap. Sink was removed a few years ago when we realized that the function was not needed at the park. Counter was re-tiled - but counter is never. The tiles are now coming off.

Recommendation: Remove table

Cupboards are not secured.

Remove, repair and reinstall cupboards

Protective housing for taps. Every year we usually store away housing once taps are removed and counters are covered. In 2013 - this maintenance piece was not done and now there is water damage to the housing.

Recommendation: Repaint housing and store properly over winter in the future

Main counter tile: The counter around the left sink completely deteriorated last year due to water damage. It was removed and new wooden counter was installed. Because the counter was not covered last year over winter, the exposed wood where the cut was made was exposed to winter water damage.

Recommendation: We have to asses the extent of the damage but we may need to remove the rest of the counter. If this happens - we'd like to install a tile back splash

Trash build-up inside counter

Recommendation: The inside counter does not really serve a purpose. It is mainly a hang out spot with a lot of trash build up. We may want to consider taking off the entire bend of the cob and keep the Cob Courtyard wall simply a straight line.

Additional notes:

The big window (recommendation: to avoid deterioration: cover w/ painted wooden bench - can be raised as well so dirt doesn't get caught under)

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