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Cob Inspection 2019



top hinge is loose - not attached to the side
graffiti needs to be removed / painted over
needs new hooks to attach to ring on the side (not shown in photo)


side of not attached to base
fridge - rusty, needs something to keep it ajar during slow season


bottom hinge is loose


could use a hasp instead of a chain


locks on inside of doors need to be reinstalled in a new spot and new holes drilled inside the cupboards


OVERALL: the cupboards could use new/better quality doors, new floors/sides in some spots perhaps (too much wear and tear), sanding and new paint job.




inside of the counter is in good shape, though could use a good cleaning and need to replace missing door to maintain its condition. Remaining cupboard doors are in good shape.
Lots of debris and dishware caught between sink counter back wall and cob wall - could lead to water pooling / damage.
Sink covers (no photos) - solid and in good shape, could use new coat of paint


Fridge cupboard above sink


Cupboard door in good shape
Missing hook to attach to the wall
Needs patching on the back inner edges
water damage on inner back wall
Needs patching around cupboard's outer edge




Cob needs patching. Cupboard needs to be cleaned to stay dry.




East, south, and west side of cob wall:

  • weeds need pulling
  • cob needs patching - underside, under shingles, window sills



Cob needs patching inside enclosure - bottoms of window sills, underside of wall.
Need to put up signs / artwork to deter people from using enclosure as a toilet.
kids keep plugging up holes with mud - how to deter?

Electrical Outlets


Electrical outlets needs covers.
Loose wire on one?




Water damage on some shingles.
shingles missing in some spots - especially in low areas that are easy to climb. Need more signage to keep people off the roof.
Need to pull out nails from missing shingles before putting in new ones.
underside of green roof is looking good.
Will need to get up on a ladder to do a more thorough inspection of the roof.


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