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Natural Building Colloquium East

from their website:

Natural Building Colloquium East

The fifth annual! ~ * ~ Seven full days!

Sunday, July 27 through Saturday, August 2, 2008

hosted by 'The PeaceWeavers'

Thunder Mountain Bath, New York

It's the fifth year that the PeaceWeavers have hosted this family-friendly event at the Thunder Mountain Retreat Center near Bath, New York, offering very full days of teaching, learning, building, and networking. Top experts, authors, educators, innovators, designers, and builders offer hands-on experience and educational presentations with "close to the earth" building materials and lifestyle choices.

But in the end, there's one really important thing that makes these events amazing. Sure, there's all kinds of new, fun, valuable things to learn tactile, hands-in-the-mud stuff that you just don't get from the books or the internet. Sure, people can pick up tricks and tips to save precious days and months of misdirected time and effort, as well as thousands of dollars of misspent money, on their own projects and in their lives. Sure, there's the great food, the beautiful natural setting, the music, and so much more. But in the end, the most rewarding and inspiring thing is the rare privilege of being with so many talented, smart, caring, willing, extraordinary people... some of whom just happen to be world-class natural builders, sustainable thinkers, and do-gooders. It's the people all of them who come together at Thunder Mountain that are the best thing of all.


Natural Building Colloquium Website

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