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Cob 2016 Maintenance Page
March 2016

On the whole, the cob courtyard/cafe survived the winter very well. A few fixes are needed:

shingles missing

tarp covering missing shingles (behind cherry blossoms)

serving counter missing doors

cracked counter cover

unprotected plumbing

outlet box cover torn off

outlet box torn right off

cracks around fridge door

detail of cracks and spaces around fridge door

more detail

Note from rec staff:

"The cracking had started a few years ago, but the installation of the new hot water heater involved some rebuilding and rearranging of the framing inside that space. And we did worsen crack with our banging around.

Last year staff checked if the plaster was solidly attached despite the crack last year, and it was fine. We are doing some fix up plastering this year too and will check it again and pull off and patch where needed."

April 27, 2016

repairing the shingles

shingle repair finished
April 28, 2016

messy inside cob enclosure

inside enclosure cleaned up

start of plastering cracks May 6 2016

serving counter doors back on
May 8, 2016, email to staff

I saw yesterday that the plumbers have put the taps back on (when?) and the cob water is switched on. So kids can run the tap by putting their hand through the vulnerable part of the sink cover. At 4 pm yesterday there were substantial puddles in the enclosure. The water may have come from the water running down one side, going underneath the foundation, and coming up the other side...?

I hope that staff have the key to open the pit and turn off the cob water supply a.s.a.p.

I've copied Tom Feeney here to let him know for future years -- it's good to let on-site staff know when the plumbers are coming so they can be on the lookout for this kind of problem. Or if all such messages have to go through Marcel and the Sofia, or the on-site coordinator can keep their eyes in the playground -- whatever would work.

vulnerable plumbing

water all over the enclosure

main handle for cob water supply

plywood for tap protection
May 9, 2016

Program staff turned off the main water handle for the cob water supply. They added some plywood to block the pass-through so that kids can no longer reach around and turn the water on from inside the enclosure.

May 19: counter cover transformation by staff



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