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Views of the Courtyard

posted January 17, 2008

See also the Picture Gallery

Cob courtyard West side after repairing and painting in August 2007

posted October 18, 2005

The pugalug event (pug dogs at the park) taking advantage of the cob wall as a backdrop.
Literally hundreds of people helped out to build this cob structure,
so that everyone could enjoy it.

The west wall. The opening in the middle can be used for puppetry.

The west wall, from the north. You can see the chimney from the back of the hearth,
where families or groups can cook. You can also see the enclosure (at the right, south end),
for some private space.

Mosaic countertop in the enclosure. The enclosure provides a bit of private space
for looking after babies.

Part of the east wall, with the food cart in front.
The sinks (on the counter against the wall behind the food cart)
were required by Public Health for the food card,
and are what motivated the project in the first place.

Counter accessories, crazy... The counter is on the east wall, and holds three sinks.

Detailed view, north end from the west, and the rustic counter

The fireplace has a
crane for holding pots
for cooking. Soul food.

Thanks to the fantastic people from the city who provided so much help,
including the tricky plumbing and electrical work!!

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