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Website Administration

posted January 02, 2008

Website Administration Folder

Custodians leave comments, task lists etc. here. Create pages attached to this folder as needed.

- Henrik

Notes from Skype conference call January 14, 2008
  • responsive
  • post Bulletins
  • post news
  • updated photos to picassa?
  • biotoilet information on home page
  • make composting and biotoilet both searchable and googleable
  • biotoilet pseudo-department appears as home page menu item
  • new material for cob courtyard
  • cob in the park (master concept)
  • cob in the park main page is sparse, mainly contains brief explanations and links
    • biotoilet
    • courtyard
    • benches
    • cob in the park supported activities

Introductory page

  • picture biotoilet
  • picture courtyard
  • picture benches
  • picture cob activities.

sub-heading for each area, or some way differentiating

related activities

each sub-department also would need general subject areas, similar to current tabs (eg news, galleries)

  • quick review of current content, addition of a little bit of material to bring things up to date. Georgie and Heidrun will agree on material; Heidrun will send copies to Aseel and Henrik, Aseel and Henrik will confer; Aseel will post in collaboration with Heidrun
  • Heidrun and Henrik will arrange for a wiki training session over the next couple of weeks

Georgie's flowchart: CobwebsiteflowchartJan08.pdf

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