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Dufferin Grove Park ~ June 20th to June 24th, 2007

Dinner will be served 6pm-7pm followed by Part I at 7pm and Part II at 8:20pm

6pm - Dinner is served

Each night there will be a delicious organic meal served from the park's two wood-fired ovens. The meal will consist of a choice between a meat or vegetarian/vegan entree for $6, as well as soup, salad and dessert at an additional price. Food is sourced locally primarily through the Dufferin Grove Park Farmer's market. In addition to the adult meals we will also provide cheap options for kids. The menu will change every night.

Part I

7pm - Golgi Apparatus, Toronto ~ Bigfoot

A rough-and-tumble show featuring three intrepid explorers who stumble, pratfall and fearfully seek a way through the woods in search of Bigfoot. This is a new collaboration between three physical theatre/clown performers originally from Stranger Theatre (Toronto), Zuppa Circus Theatre (Halifax), and Compagnie Houppz (Paris.)

7:25pm - The Spee Society, Halifax, NS ~ Lear's Shadow

Inspired by Shakespeare, the paintings of Marc Chagall and the balance of comedy and tragedy, solo performer Kiersten Tough (of Zuppa Circus Theatre) presents the story of King Lear as seen through the eyes of the Fool. In fifteen minutes. Created in collaboration with John Turner of Mump and Smoot.

7:40pm - Dessert and Coffee Break

Part II

8pm - Les Trouveres, Toronto, On ~ The Morbid Stranger

A breathless adaptation of the classic tale of political intrigue, romance, and revolution in 19th century Europe. Villains, ingénues, conniving spinsters, penniless cousins and selfless heroes battle it out in this tribute to all forms of classic melodrama, which takes the audience on a wild ride through time, place and smelling-salts.

8:20pm - Independent Auntie, Toronto, On ~ Robber's Daughters

There are two rival robber gangs residing in Dufferin Grove Park. The robber chieftains are bitter enemies. What happens when their daughters secretly become friends? And then decide they don’t want to follow in the family business of thieving…a new comedy by the company that created Toronto theatre hits Clean Irene and Dirty Maxine and Frances, Matilda and Tea.

9:00pm - Rain Machine, Bellingham, Wa & Chicago, Il ~ How to Tie a Knot

This new show presents a tangle of large scale images that take the viewer over, under, and through the question "what lies beneath the surface?" Using found objects, puppetry, and masks, How to Tie a Knot splices together stories from the most extraordinary to the most mundane. A witch, a mud warrior, or a pile of bricks may be called upon to reveal their most hidden secrets.

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