TheatreRUN / Theatre Smith-Gilmour / Why Not Theatre (Toronto) - Spent

Spent was created in 2009 just after the global economic crisis struck the world. After winning the Dora Award for Best Acting the show was updated and remounted in 2010. It toured to Ottawa, Ontario is 2011 and it was remounted again for a completely sold out run at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Edge of the Woods Theatre (Huntsville) and Houppz Théàtre (Strasbourg) - SplasH20

SplasH20 is a spectacle of all things wet and watery! This shortened version of the celebrated sketch comedy explores the many facets of water in our lives, both its poetry and folly, using many different styles such as clown, slapstick, cabaret and the absurd. Dive into the unexpected!

French Connection (Toronto) - Period of Tranzish

A young, newly married 30-something clown couple have just bought their first brand new home! It’s their ‘starter home’ as they call it. However, the rising price of real estate and impossibility of finding a place downtown has forced them to scale down and settle for something a little bit on the smaller side. In fact, their new house is so small that the two of them barely fit inside it at the same time! A slap-stick take on love and marriage in close quarters in the land of shrinking real estate and patience. Will love prevail? Or will these two young, up-and-comers tear each other apart as they attempt to survive their Period of Tranzish....

SNAP Productions & Theatre Hetaerae (Toronto) - Grannie Didn't Go to Florida

It's vacation time and Bailey is driving the whole family to Florida. But Grannie has other ideas and she knows how to get her way.... Until she gets everyone lost. Then the man who comes to save them decides he'd better not. A dark comic play inspired by Flannery O'Connor featuring a Buick and banjo music.

Échantillon no. 23 (Montreal) - PowerPunch®

Quietly mucking about in his laboratory, Bensikov concocts a powerful potion that

relieves the sufferings of Ivana, his elderly mother. In no time, news of the scientist’s invention gets to the enterprising Mr. President, who jumps at the chance to get his hands on the mystery medicine. However, Ivana’s body is changing from day to day, and she develops unexpected abilities. Who could have predicted the extent to which this enticing discovery would change their lives? PowerPunch was created by three graduates of the newly created graduate program in contemporary puppet theatre at UQAM’s École supérieure de théâtre. This short piece was first performed in June 2011 at UQAM’s Claude-Gauvreau Studio.

Hare Theatre (London) - Mr. F’s Clock Shop

Centred around Sandy Gribbin’s character Fellini (seen in such shows as BigFoot and Ahoy!), who has bought a shop. A clock shop. He has secrets. And boxes to keep them in. And lots of clocks. And is running out of time. For what? Not sure. Silent. Ish. Black and white. Ish. Death of a Salesman meets Modern Times. M. Hulot meets Shylock.

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