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posted June 7, 2002

[June 2002] Little-known facts about dog owners who use Dufferin Grove Park:

1. A few months ago, one of the dogs that gets walked in the park was hit by a car in front of its house. The dog survived but needed expensive veterinary care. A few nights later, the dog's owner told us, she heard a knock at her door. The visitor was another dog owner, with an envelope containing $300 the amount collected by the park dog owners to help her with the medical expenses.

2. Ben, the owner of the dog Boomer, is also a gifted stilt performer. He and three other stilt performers have been practicing their stilt-walking in the park on some evenings: if you're lucky enough to come across them when they practice, you'll be amazed. People like that really raise the tone of our neighbourhood...

3. When Mrs. Louisa Samuels was walking her dog Toby in the park one morning last week, she told us she is performing in a play (playing the part of the grandmother) at the Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre on June 16, at their Arts for All Festival. There are 50 people in the cast of this play, and the director is Ruth Howard (friend and consultant to David Anderson's productions in our park for years now). The play is called More, or the Magic Fish and it includes a three-course meal for the audience, all for $5 a ticket. Ruth says it is "a playful look at local history." (Sadly, tickets are already sold out.)

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