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This website was originally developed thanks to a generous grant from the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

Notice: This web site is an information post and a forum for the community that uses the park, and to some degree for the surrounding neighbourhood. The editor of the web site reserves the right to post parts or all of any letters sent to the web site. If you do not want your letter posted, please let us know when you e-mail us, and we won't post it.


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Belinda Cole: 4 Proposed Principles for Community Decision-Making

1. Common purpose

Our common purpose - in the north-west corner/clubhouse improvements - and all park-related decisions - is to see Dufferin Park continue to thrive as a welcoming, well-run space for all people who use the park.

Experienced park staff/CELOS collaboration over many years have given us a legacy, blueprint - and practical suggestions of how to continue to make sure Dufferin Park works well. The proposed changes to north-west corner - and other park repairs/maintenance - nest within the Park as a whole.

Goal: To draw on the rich legacy of knowledge and practical experience and make decisions that serve all people who use Dufferin Park.

2. People and Planet and Public Spending

We evaluate all elements of proposed designs, projects and budget in light of any concerns raised about their specific effects on people, the planet, and public spending.

Goal: Before making any decisions about specific plans for the park and north-west corner, we have a full picture of the consequences of our decisions on nature, people and public spending.

3. On-going sharing of all information

All participants - including city officials - provide full information to substantiate statements, opinions and proposals.

4. A democratic decision-making process.

a) A public tabling of concerns/comments/proposals re: people, planet and public spending via email lists, public meetings and info sessions

b) A vote (1 person, 1 vote) on elements of concerns and proposals.


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