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CRG Meeting report, January 16, 2020, notes by Jutta Mason

Presentation: 1. Trees
2. Green roof (on garage I think)
3. Bioswale and garden fencing
4. Hydro Transformer
All that took quite a while.

5. Farmers’ market. It appears that there is a bottleneck in the design – only room for one truck to unload at a time (from the dead end in front of the apt building), then it has to back out and next farmer can unload. Possible that the trucks could also enter or leave by driving across the rinks from the “Gladstone spine” (DTAH’s expression), but there was an emphasis on only parks vehicles being allowed to do that. Anne pointed out the bottleneck in the design and Katy said, that’s the way it’s going to be, you’ll just have to work out the logistics with park staff. “This is not a design problem.” Peter White said that there will no longer be farmers’ vehicles parked on the grass because that damages the grass. (Note – we did a study of that and found that there is no turf damage from market vehicles, except for parks trucks in mud – market turf damage is from feet, same as at the playground and Friday night supper.)

6. stair treads (longish discussion of stairs). Note that there will be an alternative accessible entry from the sidewalk, exactly where the entry is now, and some stairs there too. Some paths elsewhere are getting railings and borders. One path looked like wood chips – not good for wheels, but that didn’t come up.

7. Ovens. They may not be able to move the little oven but it will not be demolished, it will just stay in its spot but be replaced by a new lower-energy oven put next to the bigger oven. So the blueprint now shows three ovens. I said that the twin of the little oven has just been moved across the city from Christie Pits to Fairmount Park, and the move worked fine. They said, if they can move this one, they won’t add a new oven. I asked Heidrun if she had been told anything about a new oven and she said no. Heidrun knows about the Fairmount oven transfer, and Peter White set it up, but apparently the message didn’t get through to the design team.

Finally at about 7.30 there was some talk about the construction staging. From Megan: Sounds like the documents may not be ready to go out for tender until later in spring (my interpretation). Construction start scheduled for July 2020. Then the rink and rink house and little oven will be fenced off (and only part of the gardens?). The existing basketball court will stay unfenced over the summer. Then in October 2020 everything including the path from the traffic lights will be fenced off (maybe except for the big oven). A year later, in October 2021, the fencing will diminish again I think. They hope to have the rink done by November 2021. Some other stuff (maybe the rink house?) not until mid-2021. This assumes construction going on steadily throughout the winter of 2020/2021.

“Temporary mitigation plan”, presented by rec manager Cheryl MacDonald. She referred to the building and was corrected by several of the design team “you mean the clubhouse.” “Yes.” (I wrote in the newsletter that the new thing is not a clubhouse, so I guess it’s important to counter that message.) Cheryl said the formula is to “keep the same components but on a smaller scale.” She referred briefly to the idea of a container but didn’t specify, said that maybe some of the food could be prepared at MacGregor Park in their new kitchen and brought over. She said that rec could do some fun activities, like family game nights, performances, movie nights, maybe in conjunction with FNS. She emphasized that they haven’t figured it out yet, still in the planning stages.

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