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Clement Kent: Questions about the "Revitalization" project

1. Is there a project plan for the proposed construction? If not, why not?\\ 2. In the project plan, what are the estimates for how long the following services will be unavailable to the public? What is the expected time and the maximum (worst case) time estimate?

  • 1. The rinks in winter?
  • 2. The building, in winter, so the market will be closed?
  • 3. The bake oven and other facilities used for food preparation and storage?
  • 4. The basketball court?

3. Are there any other facilities in use in the park other than the ones named in 2.1-2.4 above which will be unavailable? If so, what are they and for how long will they be unavailable?
4. When the plan is put out for tender, will the tender document stipulate substantial (20% of project cost or more) monetary penalties for late delivery?
5. Will the city meet with potential bidders before finalization of the tender document to receive input on changes to the scope of the plan which would materially reduce:

  • 1. the delivery time for the project?
  • 2. the cost of the project?

6. Will road access to the apartment building from Dufferin Grove Avenue be obstructed? If so, for how long?
7. Will access to the park from the fence opening at Gladstone and Dufferin Grove Avenue be obstructed? If so, for how long?
8. What plans are there to protect existing trees within 50 meters of the construction site from damage? Will any trees need to be removed, and if so which ones?
9. What level of reductions in children's activities is anticipated? Which ones, and for how long?
10. Have alternatives to the current plan been considered, e.g. no construction, or a reduced scope in time of construction? If so, what are these alternatives? 11. I attended a packed public meeting in at the park recently. There was much concern in the crowd about lack of communication from the city. Will the city engage in further 2-way consultations with the community on this project? "2-way" explicitly means that the public will be allowed to ask questions, and receive written answers to them from responsible staff.
12. Will the city fund CELOS to prepare a plan for a public Conservancy organization for Dufferin Grove Park?
13. If so will the city delay any implementation of rink house reconstruction until a conservancy is in place and has provided local citizen input into the reconstruction plans?

Sincerely yours, Clement Kent

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