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Two areas in the park have tents again. One is up against the west side of the rink houses. The construction fence around the work area has taken a detour around that camp site.

The second site is right in the middle of the community garden area, beside the community oven sitting area called "Dan's Table." The gardeners were told to contact the city's homeless division, via the recreation supervisor. The garden coordinator sent this letter:

Hi Sofia & Donna: There is an encampment tent behind the big bread oven and right in the middle of the gardens that the garden co-op volunteers work in and around. The area around the tent is littered with all kinds of debris and there is human feces in one of our gardens nearby.The occupant is not respecting the gardens or the park. He has covered up the garlic bed with rubbish and a large blue tarp. He says he will clean up but he does not. The occupant has been politely asked to move to another park location. The occupant said yesterday he would move to another park area and also he would clean up his mess but he is still there this morning. There were volunteer gardeners working in that area yesterday afternoon including, briefly, a 7-year-old girl. I deemed it not safe for her to be in that area.

Can someone from the city encourage this gentleman and his two companions to move to another park location so we may garden the area safely.

But that only resulted in the delivery of some temporary fencing. It's been put up as a barrier around the tent. More garbage is piling up, including a large number of beer empties. Today one park user was talking about taking the problem into his own hands if the city won't act. Do city staff feel that campers in parks need to be protected from other park users?

city staff put up a protective barrier

the encampment trash site, by the community oven sitting area

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