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Comments on the City consultant's "Feasibility Study"

The proposals that need to be thought about more carefully, because they will affect programs and the culture of the rink clubhouse, are:

- why a separate staff washroom? Loblaws uses the same washrooms for staff as for customers, so does Tim's and all those other places that have the staff handwashing signs up in the public washrooms. The existing washrooms need to have their worn out counters and floors and sinks replaced, so everybody can keep cleaner, staff and park users.

- why an office instead of a better computer cupboard? At Parks and Rec, an office always means "staff and friends of staff only, the rest keep out."

- why use the whole existing sink room for janitorial supplies when a locked cupboard will do?

- Why not move the interior north wall of the sink room to make a bigger sink kitchen with a cubicled slop sink? That would be much better than putting an office in that space. Cleanliness is the big issue, not an office or a whole room for chemicals. What's needed is elbow grease. At the moment the rink house is very dirty.

Why must "the areas demarcated for food preparation" not be used as a public gathering space? Many of the city's community centres have a community kitchen.

- why no more cookie-baking in rink house?

- Why have a security system for the building? What's the precious stuff that has to be protected from the public or from robbers?

- why does the report say there can be no access to the garage kitchen for the community?

- and this is not okay either: "It is recommended the for the purpose of the farmers market, a vendor stall should be placed at the garage opening with the public remaining entirely outside."

These are all design considerations that affect programming, including the sociable culture of the rink clubhouse.

The Capital Budget line calls for a "Dufferin Grove new community centre" which is a brand new thing. That's not a clubhouse. The change needs specific discussion.

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