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March 15 city documents: extracts

Jutta Mason, March 27, 2017


Some extracts from two March 15 draft documents prepared for members of the Dufferin Grove Park Community Resource Group. These may change in their final version, although all the material quoted here is from City staff and has presumably been vetted already.

Membership of the Community Resource Group

The LURA consultants and staff

“reached out to different stakeholders directly, advertised in the Bloor West Villager and put notices in the library and extended the deadline for CRG submissions.”

They took everyone who applied.

Feb.27 meeting: the meeting was attended by 8 people from the Community Resource Group (2 from Clay and Paper Theatre, 2 from farmers’ market, three residents from upper Havelock and 1 more).

Also attending: City: 3 recreation staff, 2 parks staff, 2 capital projects staff. 2 consultant staff. Councillor’s office: 2 (including Counc. Bailao).

Information given at the Feb.27 meeting:

Katy Aminian, Senior Project Manager, City of Toronto, presented an overview of the Dufferin Grove Northwest Corner and Clubhouse Improvements Project. Two staff quotes:

From capital projects:

"The issues outlined in the feasibility study included: health and safety concerns, existing design challenges, insufficient mechanical and electrical services, and accessibility issues."

From recreation:

"We may find out through this process that people want other things than what is being offered, or want existing programs to be enhanced."

Next steps:

- scope of work for the RFP process will be developed over the next two weeks [done and sent out to community resource group members on March 15].

- The scope will be provided to the CRG members who will have a chance to provide feedback and suggestions. The members will have 2 weeks to provide this feedback. [April 5]

Once feedback from this session and the public meeting are captured, the City will release an RFP for design consultants to bid on.

- Bids from design consultants will be accepted between April and August. City staff say

“we would like to have 2 stakeholders from this group participate in the RFP”

This seems to mean, in evaluating the design proposals. But also in the minutes:

“Once feedback from this session and the public meeting are captured, the City will release an RFP for design consultants to bid on. The City will evaluate the bid and select a design consulting team… Evaluation has technical components that may need to be evaluated by city staff exclusively. But for community components it would be ideal to have CRG involved in some way.”

Post meeting clarification [in italics in Feb.27 minutes]: Please be advised a decision of tearing down the clubhouse is first discussed and evaluated by the City staff who are responsible to review and weigh many related policies and regulations such as the mandatory Health and Safety requirements, Building Code, Life Cycle of Assets and Cost evaluation, State of Good Repair and Capital programs. The City is responsible for hiring a design consulting team to develop a design based on programs and the scope defined through consultations with the community members and stakeholders. Then, the design consulting team will advise whether the entire building will be torn down or portion of it will be maintained.

Draft "Scope of work" document

This is a document to shape an RFP made by city staff, for an external design consulting team whose contract will include some recreation program evaluations by a design consulting team:

“To determine expectations for the operation and programming of the new clubhouse and park amenities” and “The development of a revitalization plan…to strike a balance between diverse recreation programs….”

The design consulting team will also be in charge of:

“Detailed design development, construction documentation, tender and contract administration for the following scope:

• New community clubhouse that houses a commercial kitchen, multi-purpose community/recreation room(s), public washrooms, admin/recreation office(s), snack bar, storage room(s), janitorial/laundry room(s), ice rink refrigeration/mechanical & electrical rooms, lighting, and fire safety plan.

• New outdoor ice rink

• Consideration of a new skating ice trail or pad

• Consideration of a new heated zamboni garage and storage

• Barrier-free accessibility improvements within the area of project

• New community garden and pizza ovens

• Exterior lighting and distribution for pathways, ice rink and skating trail”

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