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Health and Safety and Code violations requiring changes at Dufferin Rink

March 27, 2019, email to Liz McHardy of Lura

Could you ask Capital Projects to send me (and publish):

1. The complete list of elements that don't "meet code" for the rink house as it is now, and the relevant code number

2. The specific list of bylaws and any other regulations that are not being adhered to currently at the rink (including the rink slabs and surroundings), referencing the problematic building element and the number of the bylaw or regulation. This should include information about which of those elements pose a risk to occupational health and safety, or where there is a concern about a future legal claim against the city.

3. The specific test/assessments carried out on the rink slabs that show they need "imminent replacement."

I hope that these will not be hard to track, since they must have been referenced by Capital Projects before they made the decision to renovate the rink.

I understand that Dufferin Grove Park is the property of the Corporation of the City of Toronto, and staff can decide what will happen. But it would be a good thing to have the grounds for staff decisions be made public.

I appreciate any help you can give to get me this information.

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