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This website was developed in 2001 thanks to a grant from the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

Notice: This web site is an information post and a forum for the community that uses the park, and to some degree for the surrounding neighbourhood. The editor of the web site reserves the right to post parts or all of any letters sent to the web site. If you do not want your letter posted, please let us know when you e-mail us, and we won't post it.


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posted April 11, 2006

A Letter from South Africa

I am a regular contributor to a web site ( in my capacity as a published author. The site is from my country of origin, South Africa. This is just to let the Friends of Dufferin Grove Park know as a matter of netiquette, that a link was included to your very beautiful web site, in order to show our readers how a community can organize itself around an open-air space such as this.

Because community centres in my country of origin cannot be afforded on the same scale as here in Toronto, and in my view a huge need exists for communities to bond and use their resources in more innovative ways, I have taken the liberty to show my readers the model of the park as a "community centre without walls," in hopes that it will help spark some initiatives to develop similar public spaces over there.

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