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City of Toronto Grants

Community and Neighbourhood Services Department

Our kitchen grant came through the city's Community and Neighbourhood Services Department:

Toronto Community Services Grants Program

This is what we know about the Food and Hunger Action grants:

In the fall or 2002, Leslie Toy, a park friend who works for the Toronto Food Policy Council, told us about a City of Toronto one-time grant program called the "Food and Hunger Action Project." We found out that there were grants available for community kitchens because the provincial government had given the city a kind of "rebate" of about $10 million for exceeding its workfare targets. It was too complicated to just give that money to the families who had been cut back in their social support money, so the city decided to put the money toward food instead.

In 2003 they gave us a grant of $20,000 toward our new Zamboni Kitchen.