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posted February 24, 2005

Plant species at Dufferin Grove Park, 2005

Native Species Trees and Bushes
  • Black walnut (one of them with 4 walnuts, fist-time-ever),
  • wild plum (covered with plums),
  • aspen,
  • spice bush,
  • dogwood,
  • hazelnut,
  • elderberry,
  • winterberrry,
  • Eastern white cedar,
  • striped maple,
  • choke cherry,
  • meadowsweet,
  • hackberry,
  • sugar maple,
  • high bush cranberry,
  • black willow (planted anonymously),
  • Eastern white pine,
  • tamarack,
  • black oak,
  • poplar, and
  • red cedar.
And here are some of the flowers:
  • Joe Pye weed,
  • asters,
  • fireweed,
  • black-eyed Susan,
  • rudbeckia,
  • touch-me-not,
  • swamp rose,
  • Indian cup plant,
  • vervain,
  • Jerusalem Artichoke,
  • milkweed,
  • wild clematis,
  • bergamot,
  • rye grass,
  • grey-headed coneflower,
  • wild rose
  • There is also, of course, wild raspberry, and this year it has lots of berries to eat.
  • There used to be wild strawberries, but they have disappeared this year (2004). (If they don't reappear next year, maybe we'll re-plant them).

Arie's flowers hide the oven

future Foodshare youth garden

natural tree habitat

unprotected white pine with broken lower branches

Donated trees near cob courtyard

southwest garden tree nursery in Denison Creek bed

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