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Trees in Drought, 2016

Rainfall amount

Between June 12 and August 12: 29 mm

August 13: 28 mm

August 16: 12 mm. Supposed to be a big storm but wasn't.

June 27, 2016: sugar maple by picnic area

Aug.12, 2016: sugar maple by picnic area

July 1, 2016: oak sapling along Havelock Street

Aug.12, 2016: same oak sapling -- dead?

August 12, at Havelock Street entrance

Aug. 15, same tree after 28 mm rainfall

detail of new leaves

Aug.12, 2016: along Lindsay
Question: does chlorinated wading pool water harm trees, if it's used to water them during a drought?

Link sent by Michelle Lazare:

"One reason chlorinated water has little effect is that the chemical binds to soil-particle surfaces. This means that chlorine may kill off microorganisms in the upper few inches of soil, but lower levels of soil are not affected. While the water seeps on down, the chlorine does not. Even heavily chlorinated water -- 5 parts per million -- impacts microorganisms in only the top half inch of soil, according to a Colorado State University Extension article.


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