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Tree tour

May 14, 2018

downed tree May 6 2018

aspen by cob

white pine dog tree

black walnut and wild plum

DOLA site

sugar maple and hackberry

tulip tree uprooted near market path

wild plum sand garden

Notes from Gene:

Sand garden:

- Eastern Red Cedar (a type of Juniper)-- has blue juniper berries on it
-wild plum

path gardens near the marsh garden

- sugar maple - hackberry - elderberries - chokecherry - swamp willow is huge

marsh garden

Fence is wrecked, needs to be taken down. Gene says the fountain will never work right, should be replaced with a bench
- nine bark (attracts butterflies)

little forests along Dufferin hollow

- tulip trees like damp -- they're in the right place
- white pines gone (can't take the road salt)
- oaks doing well but at least one is crowding other trees, should be removed
- red bud doing well
- elderberry
- serviceberry
- nasty amount of goutweed

South (former) tree nursery

- black walnuts doing well

City likes to plant Kentucky coffee trees

Good reference for tree care: The Secret Life of Trees

Centre "tree nursery)

- one aspen was lost in windstorm, others doing fine
- oaks doing fine
- of the three white pines, only the stand-alone one is doing really well -- good to protect it with dogwood

Reading suggestions from Gene:

Playground/wading pool area

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