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News 2014

News 2014

From the August 2014 Newsletter:

The Dufferin Grove Garden Club, Wednesdays 4 – 6, Sundays 3 – 5 pm, everyone welcome

From the garden program staff’s blog, July 27: “With the garlic now bundled and drying in the rinkhouse, we've got space in the garden to plant more seeds for fall crops. We'll be starting to plant peas as well as more radishes, beets, and greens. We'll also start tying our tomato plants to their trellises and, now that all the plants are getting so big, we'll make sure to leave some time for harvesting kale, swiss chard, and possibly zucchini. On Sunday, we'll start our session in the south-east part of the park as we did last week, in the children's pollinator garden.”

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