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Maintenance May 2017


May 1: fixed: missing net replaced on ping pong table

May 1: fixed: rotting floorboards replaced in rain shelter

May 1: fixed: shovels put out at adventure playground

May 3: fixed: new shingles to replace the vandalized ones

To do:
Excerpt from email to Liliana Custodio, assistant to City Councillor Ana Bailao

Going forward I hope it will become clear that the playground, including the adventure sand/water/"construction" part and the cob cafe, is a big reason why so many families come to the park during non-rink season, and therefore it needs to be a priority for rec staff.

It should not continue to be down the list behind rec staff selling food at the farmers' market or doing data entry at the rink house. The rec staff are at the park but not directed to prioritize the kids' play. If putting the playground at the top of the warm-weather list is not possible, it would be better to return the playground area to be like other city playgrounds -- i.e. no adventure playground and no cafe.


May 3: no tetherball up

May 3: some rink mats still not put away for the season

May 3: sand too low at sandpit

May 3: drinking fountain still leaking

Maybe the parks staff are waiting to repair the fountain at the same time as they replace the wading pool surfacing?


May 3: winter fire pit with rink mats, still not deconstructed

May 8: Staff Heidrun removed the mats on her own today

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