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posted April 4, 2004


This is the main thoroughfare through the park. It is hazemac but it turns into mud and then hardens into rough bumps

Back in 1925 there was the first proposal (now in the city archives) to pave the park thoroughfare. It still hasn't been done even though many hundreds of people use this main thoroughfare every day. We've heard that there is no money for paving. However we've heard there is $50,000 to put an "entrance feature" into Dovercourt Park, and we've seen the "entrance feature" into Christie Pits (at the NW corner where there is nothing to enter). This is the year when there really ought to be a firm plan to put ashphalt down on the main Dufferin Park thoroughfare. That plan ought to be pretty near the top of the Division's "to-do" list.

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