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posted May 17, 2004

Park Maintenance Update, May 17, 2004

The good news is that since our new park supervisor Brian Green assigned Joe Eschweiler to picking litter more often than the last crew, the park is noticeably cleaner. The washroom crew, also, has done much better so far this year in keeping the field house washrooms clean. The park washrooms are now being kept open until late, for the convenience of the many soccer and basketball players and picnickers who are taking advantage of the long, long daylight hours of spring. The sandpit had its sand ploughed back in by the case loader, the big logs were replaced around the sandpit's perimeter, and a couple of picnic tables have been moved back down into the Garrison Creek hollow, so the mall staff can have their lunches there.

The bad news is that the supervisor says he has neither compost, nor fence posts, to help us with the park gardens. Nor could he get us any grass seed to overseed thin areas. It's a sad day when Parks and Rec can't come up with these basic materials! Hopefully they'll solve this problem soon.

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