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Weekly Market Notes for January 26, 2006

Dear market friends,

This is the last time I'll be writing the market news. Market manager Anne Freeman knows so much more about the offerings of the market than I do, that the news will come from her computer in the future (as much of it does already, and I just transmit it). Anne is the person who first said, let's have a farmers' market, she is the person who has shaped it from our end, and she is the person to whom everyone goes when there's a problem. She fixes it all up.

I am the person who first talked Anne into taking on this task (with some resistance by her), and I am extremely proud of my head-hunting talent -- every market day I think: what an inspired choice.

So for this week, news from Anne:

"This weekend is the annual Guelph Organic Conference at Guelph University. As well as many workshops for farmers, there is a large and varied tradeshow. If you're curious about the exhibitors and what the hot topics are this year, you might want to visit their website: If you make the trip, you can visit Bruno and Paula(FunGuy Farms) and Colette(Urban Harvest), and have one of Lindsay's(Firestoker Foods) rotis to tide you over til she's back at the market in the spring.

This may be Ted Thorpe's last week until his first spring crops are ready. Stock up on beets and leeks so you can enjoy them while Ted puts his feet up (not much chance of that, actually!)in the weeks ahead. Ben Sosnicki's storage vegetables are holding out well, so we'll have his delicious cabbages, potatoes and carrots through February and March, and we got this message from Jessie:

"This week I've finally got ORGANIC CHEESES in over half the perogies! I'm doing a trial. There will be a cost increase. Haven't penciled it out yet. Cheese prices are just kinda crazy, but it's just soo worth it in the long run!"

From Mary Lou of Beretta's:

"The specials for this week are: Sirloin tip steak @ 6.99; Beef Braising ribs @ 2.99 Round steak @ 7.49."

Mary Lou has offered to bring in orders of tea, chocolate and spices from Whole World Trading until Beata returns to the market in March. Talk to Mary Lou at the market, or call Beata at (416)604-9025 to arrange this.

From Mark of Greenfields:

"We will be bringing Greenfields Carrots and Sunchokes this week. A good amount of local produce from our friends at Pfennings; Red Beets, Green Cabbage, Yellow Onion, Parsnip, Potatoes, Rutabaga, Yams and a good selection of Squash including: Butternut, Orange Kabocha, Sweet Dumpling and Buttercup. Local Arugula and Watercress will be here. Nice greens this week, Kale, Collard and Chards, Leaf lettuce and Romaine, Spinach and Spring Mix as well as a selection of fruit."

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

"We have a variety of cuts of fresh/frozen venison, burgers, bbq & breakfast sausages available. Check the crock pot for something to warm your tummy while at the market or take home to enjoy later. You’ll find us in the garage…beside Ted Thorpe."

And the park has a new motor in the mixer which works for bread again, thanks to Issie Chackowicz, brought to help us by loyal and resourceful park friend Herschel Stroyman. More in the latest newsletter, just up on the web thanks to Joe Adelaars (

See you at the market!


P.s. friends of the rink, you'd better read the newsletter editorial "The Upside Down World of City Rinks" -- the Health & Safety folks are back again and maybe it's time to rescue outdoor rinks, under a board of management?

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