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posted Sepetember 6, 2005, from the September Newsletter (bottom), updated Sept 27, 2005.

FARMERS’ MARKET TASTING FAIR, Sunday October 2, 2005

Back in the second year of our market, in the fall, we celebrated the market with a "tasting fair." Various Toronto chefs cooked some delicious small item with each farmer's produce. The fair was very popular but also quite a bit of work, so we didn’t repeat it the following year. Now that the market is soon beginning its fourth year, it's time to celebrate again. On Sunday October 2, from 1 to 4 p.m., we'll have the second-ever tasting fair, $2 per item (each one tastier than the next). The only difference this time is that the food will be prepared by various renowned good cooks from this neighbourhood and from the farms – some chefs and some ordinary folks with an uncommonly deft touch with food. The tasting fair will be where the farmers' market is held, or inside the rink house if it rains. So far there are over twenty cooks!


Bianca (staff) at market
photo by Wallie Seto

posted Sepetember 6, 2005

Farmer's Market Tasting Fair - 2003

Here is the notice we posted about this delicious affair.

Sunday October 19, 2003, 1 pm to 4 pm near the ovens (or in the rink house if it rains). Return for Pumpkin lantern sailing and marshmallow roast at the wading pool at 6.30 P.M. Chefs and all our regular farmers will be paired at this special event: every table will offer some utterly delicious food item ($2 each) featuring one or more of the ingredients that farmer produces. Those market vendors who are bakers or caterers will offer $2 portions of their best dishes or baked goods. For children, there will also be pizza-making at the oven in case the special foods are a little too adventuresome. In addition, there will be little pumpkins to carve at the pumpkin-table, to get ready for the special event of the evening: a candle-light pumpkin-sailing on the wading pool (and a bonfire with marshmallows), weather permitting.

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