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posted December 1, 2006

Michael Schmidt

Raw Milk in the News

Michael Schmidt, the farmer who was raided by MNR officials for providing raw milk to the owners of his dairy cows, has been on a hunger strike since November 23.

There are several ways you can show support for a change in the government's position on raw milk (which is that you can't even give it away, for anyone who's wondering).

A Private Members' Resolution will be put forward by MPP Bill Murdoch at Queen's Park on the morning of Dec. 7 to ask for an investigation into the issues surrounding raw milk. Supporters are asking for attendance there from 10-12 am next Thursday (the vote will take place between 11:30 and 12), because a packed house helps the government realize people care about the issue. [ed. see "Attending a Session of Parliament"]

If you'd like to send a message to the premier:

If you'd like to write or call an MPP, this website lists contact info:

This was forwarded to the market as well:

We found out that there is a City TV telephone number where you can call to count yourself in with a vote to say that you agree with the use of raw/unpasteurized milk. All you have to do is call the number (416) 870-2242 and your vote will be counted in as a "YES".

For more information, you can visit: (Globe and Mail: Raw-milk debate scalds Sorbara)

We have also recieved these images taken of the raid from Beverley Viljakainen of Glencolton Farms:

Michael Schmidt

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