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Vendor Guidelines

posted August 9, 2007

Dufferin Grove Organic Market Vendors' Guidelines, 2015

See the pdf version.

It is a priority of the market to create direct links between the producers and consumers of local organic food. Therefore:

  • Vendors have to produce the majority of what they sell.
  • Products must be organic or it must be clear to customers that they are not organic (and with a good reason).
  • To support these requirements, vendors must be willing and able to verify the sources of their products and their production methods. This means that the market manager or representatives of the market must be allowed access to the place a vendor's goods are produced, as well as to documents indicating the source of goods purchased for resale at the market. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that visits to farms/kitchens/workshops, etc. are arranged at times mutually agreed upon by the market organizers and the vendors involved.
  • For farmers, during the Ontario growing season, no more than 30% of a vendor's produce can come from other than their own farm (or land directly under their management).
  • Grower-priority: When a farmer has home-grown produce to sell, other vendors are not permitted to sell the same produce if they have not grown it unless they have the consent of the farmer who has brought home-grown. Direct communication between vendors is encouraged on an ongoing basis; whenever possible, a week ahead. Market organizers may also be asked to assist in ensuring that grower-vendors get priority.
  • Only those growers who meet this requirement to sell mainly their own products in season can import out of season.
  • As a small market, we try to avoid destructive competition. This means that vendors may be asked not to sell goods that are another vendor's mainstay. When two or more vendors wish to sell the same product, there should be direct discussion with the market manager or each other about whether this is acceptable to all, in advance so that vendors can plan accordingly.
  • All vendors must comply with the requirements of the Public Health Department and make every effort to be informed about safe food handling practices and regulations which apply to their products.
  • Prepared food vendors are asked to use as many local and market-sourced ingredients in their products and to highlight direct farm connections.
  • GMO ingredients in prepared foods are unacceptable.
  • A limited category of products that cannot be grown in Canada will be considered for sale at the market. Such products will only be considered if the vendor has substantial input in their preparation/creation and/or direct, fair-trade links to their producers. Wild foods will also be considered.
  • Sales are not permitted before 2:30, in order that all vendors have reasonable set-up time.
  • Arrangements for vendors’ vehicles vary according to the season and type of vendor. All vendors must comply with arrangements as stated by the market manager or Dufferin Grove staff members.
  • When vehicles are permitted to drive in the park, they must go both in and out with a walking escort, flashers on, and moving at speeds less than 5 km/hr.
  • Craft vendors are not eligible for participation in the market, but some crafts may be included where they are part of a food vendor's production.
  • All vendors must provide market management with full contact information, including mailing address, email (if used) and telephone number. Any changes in this information should be kept updated. In addition, we request that all vendors submit information for inclusion on the vendors list of the market web pages.
  • Certified organic vendors are asked to provide a copy of their certification papers to be kept on file.
  • A demonstrated willingness on the part of all vendors to work co-operatively and respectfully and resolve issues as they arise is an essential requirement and condition of participation in the market.
  • The market manager reserves the right to decide who is admitted to the market as a vendor, and to refuse access to the market when a vendor has failed to comply with market guidelines as stated above.
  • We ask that all vendors read these guidelines carefully, sign, date and return a copy to the market manager as an indication of their willingness to work within them.

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