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THIS IS NOT A READING SERIES Presents Volume 2 in the uTOpia series

When: Sun Nov 26, 2006
Time: 2pm till 10pm
Where: Gladstone Ballroom
Type: reading , special event ,
Cover: $5 or free with book purchase
3:00 p.m. – Panels moderated by Misha Glouberman
Unofficial Culture: Karen Hines, Sarah B. Hood, John Lorinc, Stuart Ross and Carl Wilson.
Official Culture: Jason Anderson, Kat Collins, Natalie De Vito, Dylan Reid and RM Vaughan.
7:00 p.m. – Music co-presented with Wavelength The Phonemes, More Or Les and Scarborough A/V.

‘Live With Culture’ banners flap over the city. It’s the Year of Creativity, City Hall proclaims. And across the city the tinkle of pocket change can be heard as donors pony up millions for the rom, the ago, the Opera House. Culture’s never had it so good. Right? The State of the Artsexplores the Toronto arts scene from every angle. The essays consider the big-ticket and the ticket-free, from the agoand the cneto the subconscious art of graffiti eradication and underground hiphop. In between, you’ll find considerations of art in the suburbs, how the arts help to sell condos, an examination of Toronto on film and a history of micro press publishing. You’ll read about the fine line between party and art, the power of the internet to create arts communities and a plea for music spaces that cater to musicians and their kids. Taken together, the thoughts of these writers, thinkers, musicians and city-builders aim to create an honest survey of where we’re at and where we can go. With contributions bySandra Alland, Jason Anderson, Anna Bowness, Stephen Cain, Kate Carraway, Hanna Cho, Brendan Cormier, Natalie De Vito, Liz Forsberg, Mark Fram, Marc Glassman, Katarina Gligorijevic-Collins, Brenda Goldstein, Amy Lavender Harris, Karen Hines, Sarah B. Hood, Christopher Hume, Sam Javanrouh, Dory Kornfeld, Adam Krawesky, More Or Les, John Lorinc, James MacNevin, Claudia McKoy, Brian McLachlan, Ryan McLaren, Shawn Micallef, Jill Murray, Matt O’Sullivan, Christopher Pandolfi, Michael Redhill, Dylan Reid, Damian Rogers, Stuart Ross, Lisa Rundle, Dana Samuel, Nadja Sayej, Susan Szenes, Kevin Temple, Pablo Torres, Gayla Trail, Rannie Turingan, Jason van Eyk, Adam Vaughan, RM Vaughan, Stéphanie Verge, Lisa WhittingtonHill and Carl Wilson.

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