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Bruce Whitaker’s Second annual “The Grove’s Clothes” clothing swap at the park

Saturday May 12 (drop-off)and Sunday May 13 (exchange day).


Bruce writes:

“Clean your closet of those clothes that are perfectly fine but never get worn, and do your part for the environment through swap rather than purchase. Find some really groovy clothes and meet your neighbors. The swap rules are just like last year. 10 items (washed and on hangers) will get you 10 tickets in return. You can bring more but you will get a maximum of 10 tickets. You can bring less and will get tickets equal to the number of items.”

Park staff Eroca Nicols headed the sorting crew last year, and will do it again this year, filling the rink house with a beautiful display.


From Bruce Whittaker to the dufferingrovefriends email list, May 21, 2007:

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this year's SWAP (EROCA, SILVIE, Nicole, Sean from Oakland, Carol, Sarah, the Park staff, ...). We had an increase in clothing of around 25% this year over last and we definitely had more quality - which will hopefully be welcomed by those within the shelters - approximately 18 large garbage bags of clothes were donated to Sistering, St Christophers and St Stevens.

AGAIN, thank you to all of those who helped and swapped!!


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