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posted March 07, 2007

Food Share's Good Food For Life

Supporting Dietary Change in Young Survivors of Breast Cancer

Good Food for Life is a program for young survivors of breast cancer diagnosed prior to menopause and finished treatment within the last three years. The program supports lifelong dietary changes because eating a healthy diet, high in fruits and vegetables, is universally accepted as being beneficial to overall health and wellness.

What you’ll learn: • Vegetables: Discover the Rainbow • Bumping up Your Fruit • Grains - The Good Carbs • Beans and Legumes • Fibre for Fitness & Disease Reduction • Getting the Right mix of Protein: Meats, Fish & Vegetables • Choosing Calcium Rich Foods • Convenience and Packaged Foods: Choosing Wisely • Fear of Frying - Friendly Fats • Fun Foods: is there room for them in a good diet? • Eating well, personal reflection and mindful eating

For more information see the the Flyer or

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