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the Groves Clothes

posted March 22, 2006

Dufferin Grove Park Rinkhouse -
Drop off: Sat May 6, 2005 11am-3pm;

Swap and BBQ: Sun May 7, 2006 11am-3pm

Clothes Swap @ Dufferin Grove Rinkhouse for Men, Women and Children

Clean your closet of those clothes that are perfectly fine but never get worn, And do your part for the environment through Swap rather than purchase, And find some really groovy clothes, And support those in need, And meet your neighbors.

Clothes Drop-off:

Saturday May 6th (11 a.m - 3 p.m) 1 Swap ticket will be given for each item donated. Maximum of 10 tickets but no limit to donations. Clothes need to laundered, be in 'good' shape and be dropped off with hangers. A note attached indicating size and perhaps any other info (i.e. story of its travels) is welcome.

Clothes Swap and BBQ:

Sunday May 7th (11 a.m - 3 p.m). Each Swap ticket from the clothes drop-off can be swapped for an article of clothing.

Direct donations to Charity are accepted. All Clothes left at end will be donated to the Battered Women's Shelter.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact Bruce

posted March 22, 2006

A note of `huge' thanks to those (Eroca, Silvie, Gabrielle, Michelle, Carol, Jane, Della, Sarah, Edie, Maren and many others) who contributed to the first annual clothing swap!!

Not only did we make it through both days but we successfully achieved our mission of supporting those in need '''(15 large bags of clothes donated to Sistering and St. Christopher House)''' and providing a `warm' place for community exchange rather than purchase. I hope everyone got to give and take home a special item from within our community. And if you didn't, well there is next year.


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