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posted August 22, 2007

More park swarming information

Re: Police warn of group swarmings in Toronto parks

This is the reply I got just now about the robberies at the parks, from Councillor Giambrone's office:

"14 Division reports that these crimes are being committed by a group of 7 to 15 male black youths. The robberies typically occur at night, after 10 pm. The police are aware of one incident at Dufferin Grove, all the other incidents occurred at either Christie Pitts or Bickford Park. The police have set up surveillance and night-time patrols at all three parks. Please don't hesitate to pass this information along so as many people as possible are fully informed."

The more people who go to the parks, the less robberies will happen there. The dog walkers are a big help because their dogs bring them into the park at all hours. Dufferin Grove staff have asked me to pass along the following message: If you see anything questionable happening, let the Dufferin Grove staff know right away, so that they can memorize the faces. (People are more reluctant to commit robberies where they have a chance of being recognized.) Park cell: 416 896-8942. (24 hours).


Re: Police warn of group swarmings in Toronto parks, from the dufferingrovefriends email list service:

Hi all,

My friend who lives on Gladstone between Bloor and the park was parking his car last Wednesday night at approx 10 pm after seeing a movie. He saw a man stumbling out of the park who had been beaten during a 'swarming'. The man's face was bloodied and swollen and he was visibly shaken from the experience. My understanding is that he had been sitting in the park with his laptop and was then attacked by a group of 6 or 7 who stole his laptop. I think he may have resisted at first which led to the beating. My friend stayed with the man until he the police arrived, whose very adamant advice was to avoid being outside alone past 10 pm.

I hate to be the bearer of such horrible and upsetting news but wanted everyone to know.


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