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posted April 08, 2007

Open House for Alpha II Alternative School

Wednesday, April 11, 7:30 p.m.
Open House Location: Ogden Jr PS, 33 Phoebe St.

Alpha Alternative School (a Toronto JK-6 public alternative school since 1971) is working with the TDSB with the plan to open a 7-12 school beginning with grades 7 and 8 in September 2007. Alpha II”, is going to Board of Trustees meeting April 18 to be approved.

Alpha II is committed to a free schooling philosophy respecting each student’s innate ability to learn without coercion at his or her own rhythm. Each student is encouraged to develop a personal sense of responsibility for his or her own learning. Alpha II provides a student-centred, democratic, community-driven, anti-racist, arts-infused and social justice learning environment. Independent learning and peer teaching and learning are encouraged. With this philosophy Alpha II staff will ensure that the TDSB curriculum is fully covered.

Open House information available from the Alpha Alternative School website. Just follow the link to Alpha II under "Secondary".

For more information, call Nadya Burton (416) 538-9949 or Jim Blokland (416) 763-2373

The site for Alpha II Alternative School is in the process of being selected.

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