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posted March 31, 2007

Searching for Homeless Mother Donna Erickson & Uncle Jim Breton

From Neighbour Lisa Marie Erickson:

I last saw my mother and uncle approximately 3 years they were homeless at the time, living in front of the Wallace Emerson Community Centre 1260 Dufferin St.

I am told that after many years they may have received shelter or housing. I have not been able to get any forwarding information of contact. I am very concerned about my motherís health. I need to know that they are alive and well!

Please, if you know anything about Donna Erickson or Jim Brereton or if you have seen them at all, please let them I am looking for them. I can be reached ANYTIME!

Donna Jean Erickson
Date of Birth: August 13, 1961
Hair: Dark Brown, Curly
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'5
Background: Bi-Racial (light Skin)
Distinctive Marks etc: Has mole above upper left lip/May have serious health issues, bad legs, feet are turned inwards makes it difficult for her to walk needs a cane to get around.
CONTACT:Lisa Marie Erickson 1209 Queen Street, East Unit # 44 Toronto, ON M4M 3H4 Home: 416-466-0166 Cell: 416-371-3981

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