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posted October 13, 2006

Dufferin Park goes to Trinity Park Fall Day

Trinity-Bellwoods Park (Queen and Crawfort), Sunday October 15th from 10 AM-1PM


Dufferin Grove cooks are going to have a cooking fire at Trinity-Bellwoods Park's Fall Park Day, this coming Sunday, October 15th from 10 AM-1PM. Everyone welcome!

The cooks will be making stir-fired burdock root harvested from the park's native-species areas. They'll also be cooking soup, since the farmers from the Dufferin Grove Farmers' market donated lots of vegetables for this event. A good way to keep up your strength for :

  • Planting flowers and mulching the raised beds in the Kids' Playground
  • Weeding the flower beds just north of the Kids' Playground
  • Filling in the dog-dug holes in the bowl
  • Mulching young trees on the east side of the park
  • Caring for native tree beds on the east slope of the bowl

There's also a Noon Park Walk with Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, telling the park story.

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