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posted September 6, 2006

Havelock Street Fair

Saturday September 9, 2006

Hi neighbours:

Fall is in the air, and it's time for our annual giant lawn sale and street fair!

Mark you calendars for Sat. Sept 9, for our usual lawn sale in the morning:
(+ face painting!),
hot dog lunch (courtesy of Councillor Giambrone) at noon on Havelock St., kids games in the park at 4:30,
potluck dinner (+ $2 pizza-making) near the bake ovens at 6:30,
and dancing with Gordon's Acoustic Livingroom
(donations welcome to defray costs!)
to follow on the basketball courts.

See you there!

Liz Martin

September 10, 2006

Hi Neighbours:

Our 18th annual Street Fair managed to fly despite a rainy morning; thanks to all who came out and made it a success! Robin Crombie organized the kids games, the park staff came through with support and pizza, and the potluck dinner featured some amazing cakes, including a tricky mud-and-worm cake never before seen! The basketball court proved a good dance surface, and despite the first cold Street Fair in 18 years, we did "The Gay Gordons" and "Strip the Willow" proud! A general jam followed, with some entertaining dancers grooving to the great music! We hope to have Gordon's Acoustic Livingroom back another time.

If you would like to help outwith next year's event, we need people for the following tasks, and it would be great to commit now while it's fresh in peoples' minds. Every year I do up a poster and distribute some with friends, but it would be good to have more publicity, especially for the Lawn Sale. So if you think one of the following is do-able, please let me know and I'll stow it away till next year.The Street Fair is always on the first Saturday after Labour Day (when the weather is --usually-- still good!).

We will need help with:

  • someone to distribute flyers (or get their kids to) about a week before the event on Rusholme
  • someone to distribute flyers on Sylvan
  • someone to distribute flyers on Gladstone
  • any other local streets people may want flyers for...
  • parents to think up/help organize kids' activities and help Robin with games
  • someone with ideas/contacts to help us publicize, maybe on radio or in NOW
  • anything else you can think up which might make our Street Fair even neater!

Email me quick, before the Fall roller coaster starts...

Until next year,

Liz Martin

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