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posted July 4, 2006

ART WORKSHOP for kids aged 8-12 with Gillian Tremain

Wednesday July 26, 2 - 5 p.m. at the rink house.

Gillian writes: “Marbling on paper and fabric : Come and explore this fascinating and beautiful art medium, probably first done in eighth century Japan. Classic marbling (or marbleizing) is a method of decorating paper or fabric through the manipulation of floating colours. The water-based colours are applied to the surface of a gel-like liquid and are then manipulated with combs and sticks; the print is ready to be "pulled". The children will be able to produce vivid patterns with relative ease once the basic technique has been mastered. They will see how colours in different combinations react differently to each other; I think they will also see very quickly what wonderful things they can create when there is a constant element of surprise. I'll need a minimum of 6 kids, maximum of 10 for the class to go ahead. Cost will be $30 plus a $10 materials fee, payment in full by cash or cheque the day of the class. Please wear appropriate art-making clothes! Excellent snack included, and if the weather's good, the class will be outdoors on the grass..”

To register, please e-mail Gillian at or call 416-532-0773.

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