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Special Events In July

posted July 4, 2006

Councillor Adam Giambrone SUMMERFEST

Saturday July 8, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Hot dogs, lawn sale, free city compost. By the basketball court. To book a lawn sale table call the Councillor’s office at 392-7012. Toronto Fire Services will be sending their community outreach fire truck (may be called away to respond to an emergency).

posted July 4, 2006

“Portugal 2004” girls’ soccer fundraiser CAR WASH, rummage sale and BBQ

Saturday July 8, 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m

in the dead-end street by the rink house across from the Dufferin Mall lights. This group does an excellent job on your car.

posted July 4, 2006


July 11 – 16. Band starts at 7pm, dance starts at 7:30pm. (Dinner at the oven from 6.30 to 7.30)

New works from Toronto artists Nova Bhattacharya and Louis Laberge-Côté; William Lau; and Lucy Rupert and choreographies from Montreal’s Roger Sinha and Solid State.

Opening band: Grupo Capoeira Malês

Artist Talkback: July 12 after the performance

The Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video and Dusk Dances Inc. present Reel Dance in Dufferin Grove Park: July 13, 14 and 15 following the performances.


posted July 4, 2006

Clay and Paper Theatre: Camões, the One-Eyed Poet of Portugal

Wednesday to Sunday, July 21 to August 13, 7:30 p.m.
Previews: Wednesday July 19 and Thursday July 20.

Opening Night: Friday July 21.

Camões, the One-Eyed Poet of Portugal is the fourth show in Clay and Paper Theatre’s program they call “Building Local Stories”, following The Resurrection of Fornax, The Ballad of Garrison Creek, and Gold all of which were written by Larry Lewis and directed by David Anderson.

From director David Anderson: “On the northwest corner of College and Crawford stands a sculpture of Luis Vas de Camoes. Many local Torontonians know that statue, but few who are not Portuguese know that he is the national poet of a nation of poets, the greatest and most beloved poet of Portugal. We hope to correct this omission. Narrated by the one-eyed adventurer, soldier and poet himself, Luis de Camoes in Dufferin Grove Park will sing the praises of the Portuguese who have come to our community. It will fill the air with the songs of the Fado. Gigantones and Cabecudos (giant puppets and big head puppets) will recall and connect the Portuguese parade tradition with ours, and the smell of the barbecued sardines will mingle with the smell of fresh corn bread baked in the Dufferin Grove Park bake oven, inspired by the village ovens in Portugal. This is a collaboration between David Anderson, Nuno Cristo, Aida Jordao, Mark Keetch and Larry Lewis.”

posted July 20, 2006


Now magazine review, July 20, 2006

Eye Weekly Arts Week review, July 20, 2006

Toronto Star review, July 22, 2006

All Clay and Paper shows are weather dependent. Go/No-Go decisions will be made daily around 6pm. If in doubt call Clay and Paper Theatre at 416-537-9105 just before the events for information. Local forecast.


posted July 4, 2006

ART WORKSHOP for kids aged 8-12 with Gillian Tremain

Wednesday July 26, 2 - 5 p.m. at the rink house.

Gillian writes: “Marbling on paper and fabric : Come and explore this fascinating and beautiful art medium, probably first done in eighth century Japan. Classic marbling (or marbleizing) is a method of decorating paper or fabric through the manipulation of floating colours. The water-based colours are applied to the surface of a gel-like liquid and are then manipulated with combs and sticks; the print is ready to be "pulled". The children will be able to produce vivid patterns with relative ease once the basic technique has been mastered. They will see how colours in different combinations react differently to each other; I think they will also see very quickly what wonderful things they can create when there is a constant element of surprise. I'll need a minimum of 6 kids, maximum of 10 for the class to go ahead. Cost will be $30 plus a $10 materials fee, payment in full by cash or cheque the day of the class. Please wear appropriate art-making clothes! Excellent snack included, and if the weather's good, the class will be outdoors on the grass..”

To register, please e-mail Gillian at or call 416-532-0773.

posted July 4, 2006


Yoga in the park
every Thursday, weather permitting, 4:45-6:00.

It is open and free for youth (12-24), no registration is necessary. They usually meet between the Basketball court and Soccer field.

Theatre in the park

And here’s a schedule of youth-oriented outdoor park theatre performances from DMYS program supervisor Wolfgang Vachon:

Friday, July 7th at 1:00, in the yurt, “Trans Cab”.

“Toronto is home to Canada’s largest trans community. It is also home to one of the largest homeless populations in the country. “Trans Cab” was created by homeless and formerly homeless transgendered and transsexual individuals based upon their experiences navigating Toronto’s shelter system. Drawing upon diverse theatre styles, Trans Cab allows multiple voices to interact- including the audience- in a way that does not lose the integrity of the production.”

Monday, July 17th also at 1:00pm: Toronto Playback Theatre.

“Toronto Playback Theatre is dedicated to listening to people's stories and transforming them spontaneously into theatre. Their mission is to provide organizations with dramatic, audience-interactive performances and programs that build trust, deepen dialogue and generate opportunities for personal and professional development. Playback Theatre aims to create a ritual space where every voice and any story - however ordinary, extraordinary, hidden or difficult - might be heard and told. The Toronto Playback Theatre is committed to a theatre that values community, service, and the possibility of personal and social transformation through art.”

Monday August 14: Mixed Company Theatre: Under Pressure

...a newly developed work addressing the current trend of rising STI and HIV transmission rates among youth. This Forum Theatre production explores sexual pressures and consequences from a variety of perspectives as we observe five highschool students in their struggles with image and popularity, love and friendship, betrayal and trust. Under Pressure explores relationship negotiations and encourages students to find their own voices amidst the complex pressures faced in high school today.

Forum Theatre is issue-based and interactive and purposely presents the worst case scenario to prompt audience participation. Audience members intervene in the story, acting (as a spect-actor) in the play to create a positive alternative ending. The first part of the play is 30 minutes in length followed by the 45-minute facilitated educational program of audience interventions and topic discussions. A trained Forum Theatre facilitator (the Joker) prepares and encourages the spect-actor to replace the actors on stage and to change the story in a constructive way.

About Dufferin Mall Youth Services

Dufferin mall Youth Services program supervisor Wolfgang Vachon says that staff from the agency will be in the park throughout the summer and into the fall to connect with youth. Their services are: “culturally sensitive counselling, community support, and programming for youth age 12-24 and their families. DMYS was conceived and established as a joint community, mall, and business initiative to meet the needs of families, youth, businesses, and individuals striving to improve their communities. We are located inside Dufferin Mall in Suite 103, down the hall from HRDC and beside Abrigo. For more information call 416 535 1140.”

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