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posted November 11, 2006


This year the City Permits Office has begun to enforce a permit fee for youth who want to get their friends together to organize a shinny game. It’s half the price of adults ($35) but many rink friends feel this policy subverts the City’s mandate to promote youth sports and youth-initiated activities.

But every cloud has a silver lining. Last year Councillor Adam Giambrone helped rescue a mini-tourney between Jimmie Simpson Rink and Dufferin Rink, when that tourney ran into some bureaucratic blocks. The blocks were removed when our councillor called up the Jimmie Simpson councillor (Paula Fletcher). They co-sponsored the tourney, and suddenly the kids and were able to get on their hockey bus and everyone had a really good time. Magic!

Inquiries to the City permits section a few weeks ago turned up the very helpful information that if a councillor personally sponsors an event, the fees can be waived (at the discretion of Brenda Librecz, the Parks and Recreation general manager). That means that we can set up a “COUNCILLOR’S INVITATIONAL SHINNY LEAGUE” at our cluster of local outdoor rinks and beyond. Recreation supervisor Tino Decastro has agreed to staff this youth-run league with a referee if wanted, Councillor Giambrone has agreed to sponsor it, Dufferin Rink staff will supply the barrel fire and hot dogs, for the kids to keep their strength up. Such an informal youth league should be great fun, and it would have never have been prompted if the new permit rule had not been in place.

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